Pivats writing a check

At Friezland our school philosophy is that every teacher is a teacher of SEN and all our staff are trained so that we are able to adapt to a range of SEN: Children will often request an intervention to suit their needs through discussions with the SENCo and support staff; pupil voice is paramount.

They will follow up any concerns and make sure pupil views are taken into account. Stay and play sessions have been held in school. Column 1 — This displays the year group that the pupil was in at the time of assessment Column 2 — Pupil Name Column 3 — Score, which is displayed in descending order, and is also coloured to show which cohort the pupil falls into.

B Specialist groups run by outside agencies e. I only have 1 or 2 children achieving point 9. This gives a total of 6 steps for a year. When moving classes in school: It will also be an important resource for parents in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area.

The school identifies the needs of SEND pupils on a provision map. Specific group work Run in the classroom or the Nurture Room.

Do the teachers use any other forms of assessment. See below for specific approaches and strategies. And the analysis you then carry out should be based on up to date information about the pupil name, date of birth, entitlement to Free School Meals, etc.

We ensure, where ever possible, that equipment used is accessible to all children regardless of their needs. Further information on the cohorts is shown in Appendix A.

For some children this will be easy if they still using the profile, but for most children they will have moved from the ELGs to NC levels in this time. Date of Birth — This option allows the user to specify two dates, between which the date of birth of the pupil s must fall for them to be included on the report.

All of this basic pupil data comes from your school MIS. This screen can also be accessed by clicking the New Search tab at the top of the screen. One line is displayed for each pupil selected in the report parameters page Page Teachers use this on a daily basis to know and check pupil understanding and progress.

The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice and transparency for families.

What are key stages?

This table can be used in conjunction with a Subject Profile Chart generated using the same report parameters. Sometimes parents accompany their child on the trip.

There are eight different reports and a data download function. The Audit Trail Report Parameters screen is similar to that shown on page Who are the other people providing services to children with SEND in this school. This type of support is available for children whose learning needs are severe, complex and lifelong.

PIVATS is requesting to limit the report by including on those assessments that happened between these two dates. English as an Additional Language — if the pupil does not speak English as a first language please select Yes from the dropdown menu. What I am now unsure of is how to predict end of KS1 results, as in to set targets.

Year 2 Maths Assessment Pack Term 1

If there are a number of pupils in the zero column in the centre of the table, this means that those pupils have scored exactly the same PIVATS score for the particular aspect in two consecutive assessments.

These are the standard six parameters that are common for most of the reports. If a date of birth is entered, it must be in the format dd-mmm-yyyy e. There are a number of shortcuts underlined in red on the above Pupil Selection List screen.

In previous years we were asked to convert PSED and CLL points into NC levels as these points are supposed to be the most reliable at predicting how children do but it didnt make sense to me and didnt provide reliable predictions.

•Writing Pupil Progress targets and sharing and reviewing these with parents at least once each term, whilst planning for the next term. * Providing Quality First Teaching for your child as identified on the school provision map and intervention plans.

Writing Pupil Progress targets /Individual Education Plans (IEPs), based on the smaller steps outlined in PIVATs (Performance Indicators for Value Added Target Setting), and sharing and reviewing these with parents at least once each term and planning for the next term.

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Assessment approach: age-related expectations

Back To Top. Horton Park Primary We Learn to Succeed. Independent writing assessment and PIVATS assessment for all areas completed and inputted into CASPA (R P6a, W P6a, M P6a, PSD P7d).

Pupil B has met targets in writing following occupational therapy intervention, the original target of P6c was exceeded in reading and the new P6a target met.

Statement of intent Kelvin Grove Community Primary School aims to be an educationally inclusive school.

To this end we ensure that policies and procedures are in place that provide. For Writing, Writing is moderated weekly and aa level of attainment within year group expectations for is given (this is in the form of a ‘Big Write’ tick sheet, which assesses on a weekly and half-termly cycle, and all judgments are informed by regular internal and external moderation).

Pivats writing a check
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