Impact of macroeconomic variables

The models which used are Co integration and error correction method, Augmented Dickey Fuller test and Granger causality test.

What Are Key Macroeconomic Variables?

Econometrica, 55 2South Asian Journal of Management and Sciences, 1 2 We have control over independent variables and we can manipulate them by dependent variables.

They calculate net exports by subtracting total imports from total exports. As positive influences lead to prosperity, this may raise certain prices due to increased demand.

Exchange rate has adverse connection with stock prices. The Theory of Interest. Journal of Economics and Political Economy, 3 4Cointegration model is used to check the connection of stock price and exchange rate.

Agrawal, Srivastav, and Srivastava find out relationship among exchange rate and stock returns. The independent variables are exchange rate, interest rate and inflation. Evidence from the Stock Market. International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, 1 2 The model identifies the entire exposure of a firm exchange rate movement.

There will be a sudden increase in the demand for the products offered by such businesses. Chapter no five based on conclusion. Independent variables are exports, Rate of interest, money supply, Wholesale price index, exchange rate, imports, and Foreign exchange reserve.

Dependent variable is share prices general index an independent variable are interest rate, money supply, industrial production index, Gross national product. Quadir, examine the influence of macroeconomic variables of Industrial production and T.

What Are Key Macroeconomic Variables. Future of the economy The level of economic activity in the world as a whole Political activities around the world Natural disasters - like hurricanes, earthquakes, or flood etc Changes in prices of raw materials - oil, metals, fuel, energy and so on Changes in world stock markets The level of economic activity is usually measured by GDP Gross Domestic product.

Interest rate changes and common stock returns of financial institutions: We collected data from three websites from period to In terms of macroeconomic reporting, the interest rate is the nominal rate. Therefore investor with extra information might have advantage on the market.

The paper studies the impact of macroeconomic variables on economic growth during the period – We find no evidence for the view that countries which pursue macroeconomic policies that result in high inflation, large budget deficits, and high levels of government consumption spending suffer low rates of growth of per capita output.

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Butt,() checks the stock market return of particular macroeconomic and industry variables. The variables are industrial production, risk free rate of return.

The study uses macroeconomic variables like Index of Industrial Production (IIP), Interest Rate (IR), Wholesale Price Index (WPI), Exchange Rate (ER) and BSE stock prices. observations are used for each variable to investigate the relationship between these variables.

Key macroeconomic variables include interest rates, which are a reflection of the risk of borrowing (not unlike the emotional price you might pay when borrowing cash from a family member). In terms of macroeconomic reporting, the interest rate is the nominal rate. Nov 21,  · like for my hw im support to pick 2 macroeconomic variable that i think would impact the firm i choose the most but im having trouble understanding what macroeconomic variables Resolved.

An econometric analysis of impact of macroeconomic variables on Stock Market movement in NigeriaAsian Journal of Business Management, 3(1).

Kasman, S. (). .

Impact of macroeconomic variables
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Macroeconomic Factor