Features of writing a diary entry ks2 bitesize

They are getting ready to shoot their carefully carved arrows; they even have feathers in the end to make them look fancier.

Teaching Roman Britain for Key Stage 2

Meanwhile, some prompts to get you started: Ted Hughes Teaching Ideas and Resources: Writing, Literature,…In this writing and literature lesson for gradesstudents create a new This middle- and high-school lesson plan uses a wiki — a Web site that allows users to Fun Activities Get the School Year Off to a Good Start.

Make sure this is a school-approved secure site. The more passionate, the more likely it is that they will persuade their audiences. I would recommend The Literacy Shed to anyone who wants to deliver engaging lessons to their class.

When tectonic plates move, it also causes earthquakes.

The Great Exhibition

A study of the impact of significant individuals, events and changes in work and transport on the lives of men, women and children from different sections of society.

Case study of places such as Caerwent, Fishborne, Lullingstone Key question 6 How far did the Romans change the life of people living in Britain after the conquest.

Writing a diary or journal

Books can then be saved to the iBooks library. Other famous volcanic eruptions in history are: Can you create some pictures, based on the events of the book, in a similar style.

Grades 2 — 5 Lesson Plan Standard Lesson. The air is of suspense. What might have happened if the 'Iron Man' was made of wood, plastic, fabric or jelly. Move the slider along and the contours of Londinium, from the old walled part of the city and its various gates to long-lost geological features such as the River Fleet, are overlaid on the contemporary map, along with information about their use.

I lost a lot of friends, well not quite friends, but people I knew that I talked to at the market. There is a huge range of different types of document included in the resource — letters, newspapers, government reports, advertisements, plans and maps - encourage pupils to think about the different ways in which these provide insight.

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This picture began as commercial venture, but because of the interest shown in it by the Queen, Prince Albert and others, it gained a semi-official status as a key record of the event. The sources are grouped into five themes: Since most diaries are private, there are fewer examples of diary writing than there are of other types of writing.

Create a diary entry from Hogarth's point of view for the day that he first meets the Iron Man. Make a list of words and phrases that the author uses to describe the locations in the story.

Use speech marks to write the conversation between Hogarth and his dad, when. Diary Entry Example KS2 - WAGOLL, features, checklist, diary - Twinkl Rating: 5 - 1 voteDiary Entry Example KS2 - Use these writing samples in conjunction with the diary writing checklists for investigating features or using as a scaffold for writing.

We’ve just arrived in Battle and I can see the Normans in the distance, we have to get in position to fight, we’ve spotted Senlac Hill and we’ve started to position ourselves on the hill to form a shield wall, after that we started to lock the shields, that way the Normans won’t be able to get through to kill anybody.

Volcanoes are big holes that let out hot gasses, ash and magma from deep inside the Earth.; Many volcanoes are mountains, made up of layers of lava and ash.; Many volcanoes have several vents – a main one, and secondary ones that branch off the main vent.

The volcano’s main vent goes all the way down to the layer of magma in between the Earth’s crust and mantle. Teaching Roman Britain for Key Stage 2. To conclude pupils read a story to find 10 references to modern-day life which have a Roman origin before writing a story of their own with 10 more references their friends have to find.

Journal, Diary, What’s the Difference?

from the old walled part of the city and its various gates to long-lost geological features such as the River. Aug 26,  · For example, I do not write a diary, because I do not mention what I have done that day, however, I do not follow exactly what you say is correct when it comes to writing a journal.

For example, today’s entry in my journal was ‘Music’ and I will write around three pages on that subject and how much it means to me and transpires into my life.

Features of writing a diary entry ks2 bitesize
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Teaching Roman Britain for KS2 | Keystage history